Jeevious Labs  are proud to introduce our greatest breakthrough yet... The Control Group.

The Control Group contains an easily digestible horn driven fusion of jazz, spoken word, psychedelia, world music and rock n roll in a prescription strength blend of  topical topics and chordal chords.

Formulated for the relief of both the Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu.

*Side Effects may include ecstatic dance, thoughtful introspection, and uncontrollable laughter.



Jeevious Labs 
Better Music Through Better Chemistry

Umma Gabba Jazz!!!


The Control Group CA is the brain-child of Father/Son songwriting tandem Don & Jack Jeevious.

Conceived during that long dark teatime of the soul which was the Pandemic, Don & Jack were fortunate to recruit Eric Seeley on keys and a Rhythm Section featuring Jay Walter on Bass and Allain Morin on drums/percussion once life resumed.

The band has spent the last couple years refining their sound and stage presence, and the last couple months recording their debut full length album 'Umma Gabba Jazz', which will be streaming on all platforms starting the end of Feb 2024.

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